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BBC News 30 Mar 2020

Coronavirus: Spain extended the state of emergency until at least 12 April


The number of coronavirus deaths in Spain have reached well over 6,000 as the country struggles to cope with the crisis.

Globally, there have been more than 720,000 infections and almost 34,000 deaths. Italy remains by far the worst hit country, with more than 10,000 fatalities, followed by Spain and then China.

Japan has extended its state of emergency until the end of May after a government meeting late on Monday.

The country has so far avoided a widespread outbreak of the virus, but still has around 15,000 confirmed cases and just under 500 deaths that have been linked to Covid-19. Observers have warned there is insufficient testing and that hospitals are already pushed to the limit.

The state of emergency was due to expire on Wednesday, but will now remain in place until 31 May. It gives governors the authority to ask residents to stay at home and businesses to close. There are no penalties for non-compliance, however.
Footage provided by El Salvador's Presidency show inmates at the Izalco prison lining up in tight lines during a security operation during the coronavirus pandemic, northwest of San Salvador, Saturday, April 25.

Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele late on Friday ordered a 24-hour lockdown of prisons containing gang members, and said their leaders would be sent into solitary confinement after a sudden spike in homicides during the day.

Bukele said the "maximum emergency" lockdown would be enforced while police investigated some 22 homicides reported on Friday.

Only a few years ago, El Salvador, which has long been plagued by powerful street gangs known as maras, had the highest homicide rate in the Americas.

El Salvador has imposed some of the strictest measures in the Americas to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

Riots have broken out at prisons all over the world including in Argentina, Cameroon, and Malawi as the global health crisis exaggerates.

Inmates are protesting hygiene conditions, lack of personal protection equipment and poor cell conditions, while some protested on the roof of prisons.

Japan is expanding its state of emergency as coronavirus spreads throughout the country. The measure will now cover the entire nation instead of just Tokyo, Osaka and other big cities. CBS News correspondent Ramy Inocencio reports from Tokyo.
Spain is set to extend its state of emergency for an additional month as the country reported another 102 deaths in a day.…

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