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BBC News 16 Apr 2020

Coronavirus: Should I wear a mask to stop the virus?


Feeling confused about whether you should wear a face mask to protect yourself and others from coronavirus?

The World Health Organization clearly states that medical masks should be for healthcare workers, not for the general public.

But some countries don't agree, with several governments telling people they need to wear masks whenever they go out.

Some are advising people to make their own.

The BBC's Laura Foster looks at the science.

Video by Tobias Chapple, Laura Foster, and Terry Saunders.

We talked to a respiratory doctor to make sense of the confusing messaging coming from the Trump administration on whether you should wear a mask to protect you from the coronavirus.
CORONAVIRUS: 5 easy ways to stop the spread of COVID-19.
Spanish healthcare workers are wearing cafeteria aprons to protect themselves from COVID-19.
Should we all be wearing face masks? The controversy is raging today after President Trump said he might consider recommending that all Americans wear a mask. Many health experts have said only sick people should wear masks, to stop them from spreading the virus. The policy was also designed to make sure medical personnel on the front lines have an adequate supply. Many doctors have their doubts about the efficacy of proposing such a policy.

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