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BBC News 8 Apr 2020

Coronavirus: Quarantined Italian village turned into human laboratory


Could a tiny hilltop village in Italy help us solve some of the mysteries around coronavirus?

Last week, the village of Nerola, was suddenly declared a red zone, after a dozens of coronavirus cases were discovered.

It's been sealed off by the army, and everyone who lives there put into quarantine. Now medical researchers are testing the entire population, in the hope they can learn more about the virus.

Film by Jean Mackenzie, Sara Monetta and Andy Smythe.

With most flights suspended because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the airport in the Lithuanian capital has turned into a drive-in cinema.
The planetarium at the University of Maine in Orono is usually busy helping visitors and students understand the universe. But not right now. "Since we're closed down to the public because of this pandemic, [the goal] was to try to help in some way," planetarium director Shawn Laatsch told The facility is allowing its computers to be used to help model the proteins of the Coronavirus. It's part of research that could one day lead to a vaccine.
▶️At the family mill "Moulin de l'Evêque" in Dordogne, southwest France, the coronavirus epidemic couldn't have hit at a better time. After 15 years of work refurbishing the 14th century mill, Elie Coustaty and his family are now running at full speed, and demand for their flour has turned their business into a true pot of white gold.
Rotterdam's Ahoy concert venue was supposed to host the glitz and glamour of the Eurovision song contest in May, but instead has been converted into an emergency hospital to help the Netherlands battle its coronavirus outbreak.

The BBC's Anna Holligan has been given access to the arena as it gets ready for its first patients.

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