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Voice of America 13 May 2020

Coronavirus: Parade and Bagpipes Honor Medical Staff at New York Hospital


Police in Nassau County organized a parade and a bagpipes concert outside Mount Sinai South Nassau hospital to honor medical staff in Oceanside, New York, Wednesday, May 13.

Lebanese musicians from the Most Beautiful Chaos Association organize a concert for medical staff, Thursday, April 23, at the Notre Dame Des Secours Hospital in Byblos to show them support for their efforts in helping contain the coronavirus.
Morgue workers in New York say they are "exhausted" by the number of dead bodies they are having to take in due to the coronavirus.
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says the key question his office is considering is whether the state will have a peaked or plateaued curve during coroanvirus pandemic. Aired on 4/6/2020.
President Donald Trump has faced criticism for failing to coordinate with states in the US during the pandemic, with a shortage of medical gear for front-line staff being a particular problem.
But some domestic companies have started producing their own protective equipment - and New Yorkers have been only too happy to lend a hand.
Al Jazeera's Kristen Saloomey reports from New York.

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