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The New York Times 26 Mar 2020

Coronavirus Pandemic: Will N.Y.C.'s Homeless Students Be Left Behind?


This week New York City's public schools began remote learning. But for the more than 100,000 students who are homeless, virtual education may be out of reach.

This year's college graduates are entering the worst job market since the Great Depression. Charlotte Alter of Time spoke to CBSN about her conversations with members of the Class of 2020, whose futures will be shaped by the coronavirus pandemic.
The World Health Organization's David Nabarro warns the coronavirus will come back without a unified plan, causing "further distress and discomfort and suffering and death." The new warning comes as the U.S. is set to pull an estimated $300 million from the global organization.
A close look at the data suggests the peak of the epidemic in New York may have already passed. #FoxNews #Tucker

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"The bleak outlook applies to advanced and developing economies alike. This crisis knows no boundaries. Everybody hurts," says International Monetary Fund Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva.…

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“Can you move just a little bit to this way?
“A-L-L-I-A, my name is Allia Phillips.
I am 10 years old.
I live in New York, New York.
And I live in a shelter.
And I love playing violin.
OK, I’m going to have to stand up for this.
A lot of things are really happening right now,
like Covid-19.
[Violin playing]
I’ve heard that it is a very contagious virus.
And when people get it, a lot of people
have to go to the hospital.
But some of them have to get isolated.
It’s changed my life
because now, we don’t get to go in school.
My teacher told us that she didn’t
know if it was going to close for the whole year.
“You’ve got blanky fuzz in your hair.
Right now, me and Allia are actually
living in a family shelter.”
“I don’t like the way you brush it.
You brush it so hard.
Basically, it’s one room with a bathroom,
and then one bed and a bunk bed.
I guess, it’s now my classroom, too.”
“I got contacted by her school to go pick up
her iPad device.
And her iPad does not have internet.
The shelter that we’re in, they do not allow internet.
What classroom stuff are we going to do today?
“Well, science is already too hard.
It keeps on pausing itself, just freezing.”
“Oh OK, I will look into that in a little bit.”
“Across the room.”
“And see what’s going on.
I have a cellphone.
We use the hot spot.
I don’t have a lot of data.
And it’s a little spotty and slow.
Essentially, that’s just where we’ve
been is puttering outside to get a better signal, hoping
it gets better.”
“A school has 17 tables in the cafeteria.
Each table has 12 seats.”
“I am worried that children are going to get left behind
because they don’t have their devices
or they didn’t have the access to the internet.
Let’s try that one again.”
“So we’ll probably have to redo our whole grade,
and relearn everything we already know.”
“Right now, my biggest worry for Allia
would be the social interaction.
My mother, who’s disabled, and her service animal
lives with us.
So we’re all in this really tiny space.”
I’m worried about that
because my grandmother, she is really old.
And if she gets it or if my mother gets sick,
they could get hurt.
And if they both get it, who’s going to take care of me
that day?
And then if we’re all locked in the same room,
how are we going to be safe?”

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