France 24
France 24 14 Oct 2020

Coronavirus pandemic: French President Macron to address nation amid surge in cases


French President Emmanuel #Macron is widely expected to announce tighter #virus controls in a primetime television interview later on Wednesday, with local media reporting that could include curfews for #Paris and other cities where infection rates are high. FRANCE 24's Chief Foreign Editor Robert Parsons tells us more.

Experts warn France has lost control of the epidemic, with nearly 18,000 people in hospital due to COVID-19.
Police in France have arrested a second suspect in connection with the knife attack at the basilica in Nice that left three people dead. It was the third Islamist attack in France in two months. President Emmanuel Macron is holding an emergency cabinet meeting today and the terror alert level is now at its maximum.
Jean Castex is not expected to announce any new measure on Thursday evening, on the other hand there will be no lifting of any restriction either. The second lockdown will last, at least, until December 1st.
Bank of America is pledging to address racial and economic inequities by committing $25 million to assist "up-skilling and reskilling" for Black and Hispanic-Latino students. Ebony Thomas, the bank's environmental, social and governance strategy executive, joined CBSN to discuss why investing in communities of color is valuable.

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