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NBC News 8 Apr 2020

Coronavirus Lockdown Lifted After 76 Days In Wuhan, China


The city in which COVID-19 was discovered celebrated reopening its borders with a colorful light show on its waterfront.

Living under lockdown is inspiring many people to try growing fruit and vegetables in their back gardens as people expect coronavirus lockdowns to hit food supply chains.
In the UK, demand for seeds is soaring, as are searches for advice on how to grow your own food.
It is not just plants that people are trying to grow at home, either.
Families unable to find eggs in the shops are turning to keeping their own chickens, and poultry breeders across the UK have seen their farms stripped of birds.
In the latest in our series of reports on how the pandemic is impacting farming and food security, Al Jazeera's Charlie Angela reports from southeast England.
People who have government approval are now allowed to leave Wuhan, the city that was the original epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak. The city of 11 million people had been in a lockdown since Jan. 23.


A light show against the night sky marked the end of a months' long lockdown in Wuhan, China, early Wednesday, April 8.
Check out what people in Wuhan, China, are doing now that the quarantine has ended.

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