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Al Jazeera 28 Mar 2020

Coronavirus lockdown: India grapples with migrant workers' exodus


The world's biggest lockdown is having a significant impact on millions of migrant workers in India.
Unable to work and faced with the government shutdown of all buses and trains, many have resorted to walking hundreds of kilometres to return to their home states.

Al Jazeera's Elizabeth Puranam reports from New Delhi, India.

The Government is rejecting calls to relax the coronavirus lockdown, saying the outbreak remains at a "delicate and dangerous" stage. Ministers are asking people to adjust to what they're calling "a new normal," for some time yet.

As the Prime Minister Boris Johnson returns to work, the government says the current restrictions are having a positive effect, with fewer people being treated in hospital.

There remains concern among care providers about testing for staff and residents in care homes in England. The BBC has spoken to more than 200 providers, and three quarters say none of their staff has been screened.

Clive Myrie presents BBC News at Ten reports from Science Editor David Shukman, Political Correspondent Iain Watson and Social Affairs Correspondent Alison Holt.
Thailand's four million migrant workers are more vulnerable than ever after recent layoffs due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
With most borders closed, thousands are stranded and relying on handouts.
And there are fears their situation could get even worse once the country fully returns to work.

Al Jazeera's Scott Heidler reports from Samut Sakhon in Thailand.

Police with batons attacked hundreds of unemployed migrant workers demanding trains take them to their villages in Mumbai, India, Tuesday, April 14, amid a nationwide lockdown.
Several protests have broken out in India over the lockdown to fight the coronavirus pandemic as migrant workers called for food and aid.
The government has promised to help 800 million poor Indians but they say they have been left to fend for themselves.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has extended the nationwide lockdown to May 3.
Al Jazeera's Elizabeth Puranam reports from New Delhi.

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