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Coronavirus latest: Death toll in China surpasses 1,000


The death toll for the novel coronavirus outbreak surpassed 1,000 in China with over 40,000 cases.…

The death toll for the novel coronavirus outbreak surpassed 1,000 in China with over 40,000 cases.…
Coronavirus cases have surged around Europe, despite strict restrictions on people's movements.
The death toll from an outbreak of coronavirus in Italy rose in the past 24 hours by 427 to 3,405, overtaking the total number of deaths so far registered in China, officials said on Thursday.
Al Jazeera's Nadim Baba also reports on the developments in Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom.
Milan, the heart of the Italian fashion industry, is normally a bustling, glamourous town but it has been hit hard by the effects of the coronavirus.

The death toll in Italy has risen to 17.

Al Jazeera's Mohammed Jamjoom is in Milan with more on the outbreak and the impact it is having on Italy's economic hub.
Italy is the hardest hit country in Europe with more than 35,000 cases. The death toll has surged again in the last 24 hours by 475 - the biggest increase in a single day. Almost three thousand people have now died.

In Spain the outbreak continues to spread fast and is now infecting care homes. There are now almost fourteen thousand confirmed cases - with over 600 deaths. All hotels will close in Spain by next Tuesday and the Foreign Office has urged British holidaymakers to return home before then.
In Germany - there have been over 12,000 cases and 28 deaths. Tonight Chancellor Angela Merkel has given an unprecedented televised address describing the disease as the country's greatest challenge since the Second World War.

President Trump says the United States and Canada have agreed to close their border to non-essential traffic -- as all fifty American states registered cases of coronavirus for the first time. Mr Trump also said that he was sending a US Navy hospital ship to New York - the city worst hit by the outbreak.

Damian Grammaticas, Mark Lowen, Jenny Hill and Nick Bryant report for the News at Ten presented by Sophie Raworth.

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