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Al Jazeera 5 Apr 2020

Coronavirus in Central Asia: Virus relief funds under question


Central Asian countries, like Kazakhstan and neighbouring Kyrgyzstan, have called on people and businesses to donate to emergency funds for the Coronavirus crisis.
While the relief has been welcome, it has also given rise to questions about where the money is coming from.

Al Jazeera's Robin Forestier-Walker reports.

Dr. Anthony Fauci said he hoped that current relief efforts would help the United States "very effectively" handle a return of coronavirus in the fall or winter.
New York's Mount Sinai Hospital is working with a humanitarian aid organization to set up a field hospital in Central Park. Emergency medicine physician Dr. Brendan Carr joins Morning Joe to discuss. Aired on 3/30/2020.
Africa is anxiously awaiting the possible onslaught of a massive wave of coronavirus infections. Many countries have declared states of disaster or even states of emergency. Dozens of nations are operating under curfews and lockdowns, some with extremely harsh enforcement by state authorities. And across Africa, people are stocking up on the malaria medication chloroquine, while others are afraid they will be used as guinea pigs in vaccine tests. But with fear spreading as fast as the virus, Bobi Wine has a message of hope.
Central Park's East Meadow was converted into a field hospital to treat patients, as New York City remains one of the epicenters of coronavirus in the U.S.

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