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Voice of America 16 Mar 2020

Coronavirus-Hit Cruise Ship Moved to Finish Quarantine in California



A coronavirus-hit cruise ship left the Port of Oakland after a week and is moving to a remote dock in San Francisco to be quarantined with the remaining passengers and crew members for 14-days, Monday, March 16.


Australian police, adorned in full protective gear, boarded a cruise ship linked to hundreds of coronavirus cases to seize evidence and question crew members, Thursday, April 9.

A cruise ship that is Australia's largest single source of coronavirus infections set sail off Australian shores, Thursday, April 23, a month after it was ordered to leave.

The Ruby Princess has been linked to 19 deaths in Australia and two in the U.S.

An investigation into why 2,700 passengers and crew were allowed to disembark in Sydney in March before the results of coronavirus tests were known is underway.

Princess Cruises did not disclose where the ship is heading.

Australia has 6,547 confirmed coronavirus cases and 67 deaths as of Thursday. (AP)

More than 100 passengers from Australia and New Zealand who were on the Antarctic cruise ship the Greg Mortimer, most of whom were infected by the coronavirus, arrived in Melbourne early Sunday, on a flight from Uruguay.

The plane, with 112 passengers, including 96 Australians, was boarded immediately after arrival by medical staff in hazmat suits.

Passengers who are well have been taken to a hotel to undergo a mandatory 14-day quarantine.

During the earliest days of the COVID-19 pandemic, cruise ships were a hotbed for infection, and many were held offshore to quarantine passengers. But nearly 2 months later, over 100,000 crew members are still trapped on ships around the world. Inside Edition spoke with a number of crew members stuck onboard a Holland America cruise liner to find out what their experience was like. They say they're spending as much as 21 hours a day in their cabins, and are barred from leaving the ship.

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