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DW News 28 Feb 2020

Coronavirus fears send global markets into freefall


Investors are on the retreat world-wide as fears of the coronavirus deepen. Supply chains are starting to falter and tourists are staying home. The virus is also sparking the sell-off of pandemic bonds. As the business community struggles to predict the coronavirus' economic fallout, observers warn the virus could be the final blow that throws the world economy into recession. The Dow Jones had its worst one day point drop in history, tumbling almost 4 and a half percent. That sentiment spilled over to Asia with Tokyo's Nikkei shedding 3 point 6 percent today. And Hong Kong's Hang Seng also closed down 2 point 4 percent.

The economy and numbers on Wall Street have been the backbone of Trump's re-election argument. But coronavirus fears are talking markets worldwide, and that reportedly has Trump concerned. We talk to Philip Rucker. Aired on 3/5/2020.
As COVID-19 fears grow across the world---financial markets take major hits. How much impact will coronavirus have on the global economy? To discuss, tonight's panel includes Einar Tangen, political and economic affairs commentator; Hafed Al Ghwell, senior fellow for the Foreign Policy Institute at John Hopkins University; Remi Piet, research associate on political economy and foreign policy at the Florida International University and Anthony Chan, former chief economist at JPMorgan Chase & Co
Surevest CEO and chief investment strategist Rob Luna discusses how he invests and how news headlines could impact markets in the coming weeks. #FoxBusiness
Fears of a global coronavirus outbreak caused stock markets to slide for the sixth straight day, with the Dow Jones posting its worst point drop ever.

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