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DW News 29 Feb 2020

Coronavirus cover-up sparks calls for free speech in China


The death of Dr. Li Wenliang prompted an outpouring of sorrow and grief in China. Dr. Li was one of the first frontline doctors who sounded an early alarm about the coronavirus outbreak. Authorities silenced him for his efforts. Now, his death has become a trigger for demands for greater transparency and free speech. China has perhaps the most advanced system of censorship in the world. The internet and news media are tightly controlled. But there's widespread anger over the government's attempts to suppress warnings about the coronavirus outbreak and then cover up the death of the doctor behind those warnings. Correspondent Mathias Bölinger spoke to one activist, who's put his personal freedom at risk to take the government to task over it.

CGTN's Mike Walter discusses how the virus is impacting employment for rural workers in China with John Gong.
Health officials are warning the country could see a second wave of coronavirus in the fall. CBS News' Laura Podesta has more on possible therapies for the virus and David Dodd, CEO of GeoVax, joins CBSN to take a closer look at prevention and treatment.
Jenny McGee and Luis Pitarma reveal their shock at finding out Boris Johnson would be their patient - and what he was like in intensive care.

In her only interview since the Prime Minister publicly thanked them for saving his life, "Jenny from New Zealand" called him "just another patient".

Luis Pitarma - or "Luis from Portugal", as the PM dubbed him - said the acknowledgement made him "quite emotional".

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Chinese state media released a cartoon criticizing U.S. accusations as inconsistent and ridiculous. Germany and the UK are among countries now demanding more transparency from China about its initial response to the virus.

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