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Associated Press 21 May 2020

Coronavirus constrains DC Memorial Day hotspots


Memorial Day destinations around Washington DC are promoting new ways to honor fallen soldiers during the holiday while restricting in-person visits to keep staff and the public safe during the coronavirus pandemic. (May 22)

This comes as schools face new struggles in bringing back students. ABC's Andrea Fujii reports.
Detroit has recorded more than 13,000 cases of COVID 19.
Analysis by Sky News of Public Health England data shows that when lockdown was eased at the beginning of July people aged over 80 accounted for 10% of all new cases.

However a new change shows those in their 20s and 30s now make up almost half of new infections.

The same pattern has emerged in many European countries, as well as Australia and Japan, prompting the World Health Organisation to say that the pandemic has entered a new phase.
Dr. Tom Inglesby, Director of the Center for Health Security of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, talks to Chuck about the uptick in cases after earlier summer holidays. Aired on 09/02/2020.

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