Newsy 2 Oct 2020

Coronavirus Adding Extra Pressure On Working Women


A new study finds 1 in 4 women are considering downshifting or leaving the workplace due to COVID-19.

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In January, just before the pandemic caused worldwide shutdowns, working women in the U.S. hit an important milestone.

American women outnumbered men in the U.S. labor force for just the second time in history.

But just months later, those gains were derailed by the coronavirus as women were forced to take on even more childcare duties than normal - disrupting the careers of millions of women.
CGTN's Rachelle Akuffo spoke to William Scarborough, Assistant Sociology Professor at the University of North Texas, about COVID-19's impact on working mothers.
Dave McMenamin and Richard Jefferson join Rachel Nichols on The Jump to discuss the pressure on the Los Angeles Lakers to close out the series against the Miami Heat in the 2020 NBA Finals because they will be wearing the "Mamba" jerseys for Game 5 in honor of Kobe Bryant.


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