National Geographic
National Geographic 23 Nov 2020

Controlled Bush Fire Burn


Zeke Lunder, a pyrogeographer, explains the benefits and purpose of prescribed fires, also known as backfires.

Australian emergency services are evacuating homes in the path of a bushfire in Queensland.
People on Fraser Island have been told to leave - after the fire burned large parts of the World Heritage-listed area.
Al Jazeera's Victoria Gatenby reports.
Bosnia and Herzegovina's military has set up tents for hundreds of refugees stranded in freezing conditions.
They were left without shelter for several days after a fire burned down their old camp.
Authorities have tried to relocate the refugees, but that is being opposed by some local people.
Al Jazeera's Katia Lopez Hoda-Yan reports.
A firefighter scooted down a ladder with a child in his arms during a Boston apartment fire that left a mother and her two children in need of rescue. The family was in a third floor balcony as firefighters raised a ladder to reach them. (Dec. 2)
Pablo Fornals' cross makes it over two Burnley defenders and through to Michail Antonio, who prods West Ham into an early lead.

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