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CBS News 22 Jul 2020

Congress working on another coronavirus relief package as unemployment benefits are set to expire


Emergency unemployment benefits are set to run out on July 31 for more than 20 million Americans if Congress doesn't reach a deal on the second coronavirus stimulus package. Politico employment and immigration reporter Rebecca Rainey joins "Red and Blue" to explain what will happen if a deal isn't reached.

Sen. Susan Collins called for another Coronavirus relief package.
The House of Representatives is set to vote on a new Democratic-led economic relief package known as the HEROES Act. It comes as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin restart negotiations, but Senate Republican support would still be needed to pass any legislation. CBS News chief congressional correspondent Nancy Cordes joined CBSN with the latest.
NBC News' Leigh Ann Caldwell reports on the status of negotiations between Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on another coronavirus aid package. Aired on 10/01/2020.
After weeks of negotiations, Congress and the White House have failed to reach a deal on the next coronavirus relief package. Now Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConell says he will force a vote on a Republican-led proposal this week. Meanwhile President Trump and Joe Biden are ramping up their campaigns in the final weeks ahead of the November election. CBS News correspondent Nikole Killion and Politico White House correspondent Anita Kumar join "Red and Blue"'s Elaine Quijano with the latest from Washington.

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