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Newsmax TV 13 Oct 2020

Coney Barrett is grilled about George Floyd, Roe V Wade


President Trump's Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett faces heat from Senators Dick Durbin and Dianne Feinstein during confirmation hearings over her thoughts on the viral police video, and how she would look at situations involving the Roe V Wade and similar cases. - via Newsmax TV's special confirmation hearing coverage

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Judge Amy Coney Barrett was asked about the George Floyd video at her Supreme Court confirmation hearing.
Pete Williams explains how Amy Coney Barrett is being overcautious during questioning at the Supreme Court after she was asked if a president has the right to delay an election, and responds that if the question come before her she would "have to study it."
Rachel Maddow points out that even though Trump Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett has made her opposition to Roe v. Wade public several times, and Donald Trump has stated plainly that he would appoint justices to overturn Roe v. Wade, Trump and his supporters still pretend not to know her views on the matter. Aired on 10/12/2020
Fmr. acting U.S. Solicitor General Neal Katyal reacts to the statements Trump has made about his Supreme Court nominee and how that affected senators' questioning of Judge Amy Coney Barrett. Aired on 10/13/2020.

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