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CGTN America 15 Apr 2020

Concerns about spread of measles as focus shifts to COVID-19


There are worries 117 million children across the world could be at risk of developing measles, as countries delay vaccinations while they fight COVID-19. Some governments have already postponed mass immunization campaigns, and more are planning to do so. Health experts are concerned this could allow other diseases to spread.

As COVID-19 continues to spread globally, China has claimed a victory in containing its domestic spread. But the pressure of preventing a second wave of the pandemic remains high. This week, the country will hold one of its biggest political gatherings in Beijing -- the annual "Two Sessions", which was delayed due to COVID-19. Here's how it will convene the meetings safely.
The UK has suffered 64,000 more deaths than usual over the course of the coronavirus pandemic.

An extra 14,000 deaths have been reported that are not officially attributed to COVID-19, with large numbers in care homes.

Deaths per million are higher in the UK than in Italy and France, but lower than in Spain and Belgium.

Boris Johnson said last month that the only accurate way to compare COVID-19 death rates with other countries was by using excess deaths statistics.
A possible COVID-19 vaccine is still months away, but now there is new hope that antibodies could provide immunity against the disease. Dr. Neeta Ogden joined CBSN to discuss two new studies that looked at how monkeys with coronavirus reacted to being re-infected and what that could mean for human immunity.
The daughter of a man who died with suspected coronavirus wants to know who signed off on a government policy to allow untested COVID-19 patients to be sent to care homes, potentially spreading the virus.

Cathy Gardner fears the policy could have been a factor in the death of her 88-year-old father Michael Gibson, who passed away in a care home in Oxfordshire on April 3.

She said: "I think the government guidance that hospitals implemented to discharge people as rapidly as possible into care homes full of vulnerable people was incredibly irresponsible... I think it was an unbelievable act and they need to be held to account for that."

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