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Combating drug and human trafficking in the U.S


CBP Air and Marine Operations, along with Customs and Border Protection, is ramping up efforts to combat drug and human trafficking in the U.S. One America's Christina Bobb tells us more about those efforts.

Air and Marine Operations and Customs and Border Protection are ramping up efforts to combat drug and human trafficking. One America's Christina Bobb has more about those efforts.
In an episode of her new National Geographic series "Trafficked," Mariana van Zeller follows the cartel as it sources materials for fentanyl, makes the deadly drug and traffics it into the U.S.
Foreign student enrollment in the United States is down because of COVID-19. Hundreds of campuses shut down when the pandemic began.  The government warned that international students should either leave the country or transfer to schools with in-person classes. Otherwise they could face immigration consequences. 

Mike Kirsch has this report.  
A total of 71 people have been arrested for human trafficking in a sting operation called Operation Interception.
The mug shots of the people arrested over the course of the months long operation were released by the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office.
The operation took place in Tampa, Florida and was aimed at targeting and deterring human trafficking.
The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office has taken many actions to combat human trafficking leading up to the Super Bowl coming to Tampa next month.
"With less than a month until the big game, our covert operations continue, seeking those who choose to sexually exploit others here in our community," said Sheriff Chad Chronister. "Our goal, as the operation name explains, is to ‘intercept' individuals involved in sexual exploitation before they are able to take advantage of vulnerable individuals, and ultimately, to deter others."
From December through January detectives posted online ads offering sex for sale. Female detectives posed as prostitutes.
The 71 who were arrested were arrested for soliciting another to commit prostitution or entering/remaining in a place for prostitution.
Sheriff Chronister said that Hillsborough County has a zero-tolerance for human trafficking,
"Like any major sporting event, the Super Bowl should not be a venue where these types of crimes occur on the sidelines, whether it's before, during, or after the game," said Sheriff Chronister. "We know from past experiences with major sporting events that there will be some who travel for the exclusive purpose of taking advantage of women and children. I want to make it very clear, if you are planning to engage in the sexual exploitation of others, I'm urging you to think twice. We will find you, and you will be arrested."

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