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One America News Network 13 Aug 2019

Combat Veteran: President Trump's support of 'Terp Visa Program' honors their service


President Trump's efforts to help our nation's veterans is extending to those who helped them abroad. The group 'No One Left Behind' helps interpreters settle in the U.S. after serving with American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. One America's Neil W. McCabe has more from Washington.

President Trump's State of the Union address and the Democratic response.
President Trump's pardon of an Army officer accused killing a terrorist on the battle field has brought more attention to a number of similar cases. One America's Neil W. McCabe has more from Washington.
The 340B Drug Discount Program accounts for more than six billion dollars in discounts on prescription drugs at rural and small community hospitals. One America's Neil W. McCabe spoke to an expert about how President Trump's reforms are helping Americans with HIV in red states.
Our panel discusses President Trump's use of emergency power to push for a border wall and whether enough Republicans will join Democrats to challenge the effort in Congress. Plus, a fact check on Trump's false claim that construction is already underway.

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