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Fox Sports 6 Dec 2020

Colts would be a great 2021 landing spot for Matthew Stafford - Tony Gonzalez


Matthew Stafford's future with the Detroit Lions is a question mark, which means he could be playing for a new team in 2021. FOX's Tony Gonzalez said the Indianapolis Colts make sense as a landing spot.

New trade arrangements between NI & Great Britain come into force Jan 1. #Brexit
Business Insider's Josh Barro writes why there are reasons to be optimistic about 2021, and he joins Morning Joe to discuss. Aired on 12/10/2020.
Mike Greenberg gives a hot take after Week 11 in the NFL by saying the Miami Dolphins would be a Super Bowl contender in the AFC if they drafted Justin Herbert instead of Tua Tagovailoa.

#Greeny #NFL #Dolphins
Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman debate whether a Patrick Mahomes vs. Tom Brady Super Bowl is the matchup they most want to see, with Stephen A. saying the storyline would be irresistible but Max arguing that Russell Wilson, Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers would be better opponents.
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