Euronews 18 Oct 2020

Colorado wildfire forces thousands to evacuate in western US


Thousands of people in the US state of Colorado are fleeing a wildfire that hasn't stopped burning since mid-August.

In Boulder County, the CalWood fire exploded to nearly 9,000 acres leaving whole neighborhoods in ruin and forcing nearly 3,000 people to flee their homes. In Northern Colorado firefighters are scrambling to contain the Cameron Peak fireā€”the largest wildfire in state history.
Wildfires are threatening thousands of homes and forcing thousands to evacuate in three West Coast states. The fires are setting records in California and are being called unprecedented in Oregon and Washington. (Sept. 10)
Meghan Markle is catching backlash over the remarks she made about the 2020 election in a virtual town hall, encouraging women to vote in November. By law, members of the royal family must remain politically neutral. Now, TV personality Piers Morgan is calling on the Queen to take away Meghan's royal title, the Duchess of Sussex, along husband Prince Harry's. Meghan, who remains an American citizen, still has the right to vote.
Democratic politicians in the US did not want a hearing to happen before next month's election.
But Republicans have begun pushing ahead with their plans to confirm Amy Coney Barrett as a new Supreme Court judge.
Barrett, who is US President Donald Trump's pick, would replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg who died last month.

Al Jazeera's Alan Fisher reports from Washington, DC.

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