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Inside Edition 16 Apr 2020

College Student Makes Friends From Afar Using Post-Its


Stuck inside and in need of a friend, college student Lillian Kogan placed a Post-it Note on her window that read simply, "Hi." Soon after, a Post-it Note appeared on the window of the apartment across the way. After a few exchanges, Kogan spotted who she was talking to: an elderly couple. Lillian was so excited about her new friends, baked them chocolate chip cookies as a treat. She left the cookies in their lobby with a note and her phone number, in case they needed anything.

The coronavirus brought colleges across the U.S. to a halt, leaving many in dire need of financial relief. But unlike most taxpayers that received stimulus checks, college students did not. NBC News' Josh Lederman explains why many students are still waiting for emergency grants from the CARES Act.
Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Paul Finebaum debate the idea of Power 5 conference college football programs splitting from the rest of the FBS.

A coronavirus has shaken up first-generation college students' plans, forcing them to reassess as classes move online and their families struggle to make ends meet.
Students at colleges and universities nationwide are demanding partial refunds for tuition as classes move online because of the coronavirus pandemic. However, the Washington Post reports many schools are refusing to back down. Reporter Nick Anderson joins CBSN to explain the latest developments.

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