MSNBC 9 Sep 2020

Cohen: 'I Was Acting At The Direction Of And For The Benefit Of Mr. Trump… To Protect Him'


In a one-on-one interview with Rachel Maddow, Michael Cohen says every felony he was charged with was directed by President Trump himself. Cohen says Trump personally approved salacious stories the National Enquirer published about Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Marco Rubio. Cohen also discusses the origins of Trump's "hatred" for President Obama News">Barack Obama, and why he believes he was the only one to be prosecuted for hush money payments. Aired on 09/8/2020.

The national conventions are over and the stage is set for the 2020 presidential election. Yahoo national reporter and producer Marquise Francis spoke with CBSN's Lana Zak about what we can expect on the campaign trail moving forward.
Reunification was a massive turning point in German history. But what does it mean for the young Germans of today? Our guests: Mai Thu Bui (Artist) Melanie Stein (#wirsindderosten), Vladimir Balzer (Journalist).
Millions of people in Asia, Africa and world centers like New York and Tokyo, have been escaping the crowds for the countryside. We're experiencing an historic reversal in the global surge of people ditching small towns and the country for the allure of the big city. Many others have lost jobs and moved back home to their rural families. Whatever the case, the mass migration has seen real-estate prices soar in outer-lying suburbs and communities.
Conspiracy theories have exploded online during the pandemic and in the days leading up to the election, bombarding people with false narratives intended to cause fear and disorder. CNET senior producer Dan Patterson joins CBSN's "Red & Blue" anchor Elaine Quijano to explain some of the ways people can identify disinformation and protect themselves against its influence.

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