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DW News 16 Nov 2020

Clashes in Ethiopia: Is the Tigray conflict spinning out of control?


Fighting in northern Ethiopia threatens to tip the country into civil war. The conflict comes down to a power struggle between Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and the leader of the rebellious Tigray region.
Other countries are being drawn into the conflict, raising fears of destabilization across the region. Tens of thousands of civilians have fled the flighting across a border river into Sudan. And Tigray's leader has admitted ordering rocket attacks on neighboring Eritrea, a close ally of Ethiopia's federal government.

Three people conducting a photo shoot on a boat in a busy Florida river fell overboard Saturday, leaving the vessel unmanned and out of control. (Oct. 12)
Two explosions hit cities in Ethiopia's Amhara state, which neighbours the northern state of Tigray where federal troops are fighting local forces, and the human rights commission warned against rights violations in the conflict.
Starting with the September #protests against police brutality, #Colombia has seen a wave of protests sweeping across the country. The September protests, trigger by the #police killing of Javier Ordonez, a 43-year-old engineer, on September 9.

Security forces killed 12 protesters during crackdowns of the September protests.

Last week, thousands of Indigenous people, as part of the minga Indígena movement, hit the street of Bogotá to protrest against rising violence in the distant regions of the country.

These Indigineous protestors marched hundreds of kilometers to the capital Bogotá but Colombia's president Iván Duque refused to meet with them.

Is the Colombian government moving away from political dialogue in favour of crackdowns?

Susanna Muhammad, from the Patriotic Union Party, debates Diego Molano Aponte, director of the administrative department of the Presidency of Colombia.
Richard Jefferson joins Elle Duncan for a round of Zero Takes Given, in which they answer personal questions and explain themselves, such as RJ talking about the time his fame on the New Jersey Nets got him out of a ticket in New York.
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