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The Guardian 15 Oct 2020

Civil rights and Qanon candidates: the fight for facts in Georgia


Joe Biden won the nomination for president on the shoulders of older Black voters in the US south. But how do younger, progressive people of color feel about his candidacy in the southern state of Georgia, in play for the first time in decades? And will a dangerous campaign of Qanon disinformation have any bearing on the outcome of the election? Oliver Laughland and Tom Silverstone try to find out

Donald Trump's election campaign in 2016 targeted nearly 3.5 million Black Americans to deter them from voting, and the battle for the right to vote is just as important in 2020. Kenya Evelyn travels to Florida where it's the Democrats' most loyal bloc, Black women, who are also bearing the brunt of the coronavirus outbreak, with its impact accelerating the fight for voting rights. From mail-in ballots and early voting, to felon disenfranchisement, Black voters are wielding their power to demand more from Democrats ahead of November
With just ten days to the election, Donald Trump tries to bolster support in Florida as Joe Biden focuses on the pandemic.
In the final episode of Anywhere but Washington, Oliver Laughland and Tom Silverstone return to Florida, the crucial swing state that Donald Trump won last week. His victory there paved the way for his baseless attacks on the election process. From Palm Beach county, home to the president's private club Mar-a-Lago, election night turns into election week, in a story of hope and joy but also division and lies
Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden took the lead in Georgia early Friday, with many of the outstanding ballots being from areas that typically vote Democratic, such as Atlanta. 


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