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ABC News 16 Nov 2020

Cities face new restrictions to limit spread of coronavirus


As cases skyrocket, some states are announcing closures, banning indoor dining and even cracking down on gatherings. ABC's Kenneth Moton reports.

Thousands of Italian protesters angry over new restrictions announced to control the spread of coronavirus clashed with police in cities on Monday as European governments toughened their responses to the contagion.
Speaking to reporters on Nov. 13, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said the hope of a forthcoming coronavirus vaccine should spur people to "listen to science." At the time, newly elected members were still expecting to eat together indoors after their orientation. The format of the event was later changed.
The Netherlands will return to a "partial lockdown" on Wednesday, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said, closing bars and restaurants as it battles to control the coronavirus in one of Europe's major hotspots.
Germany is imposing stricter lockdown measures as it struggles to suppress coronavirus infections.
Chancellor Angela Merkel says restrictions are likely to continue into January.
She is also pushing for an EU vote on shutting ski resorts over the winter holidays.
But that is getting a chilly reception in other European countries.
Al Jazeera's Dominic Kane reports from Berlin.

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