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NBC Sports 19 May 2020

Chris Simms' 2020 NFL Dream Team: WR, TE, ST, RB, LB


Chris Simms assembles his perfect NFL team, picking his best units in the league at WR, TE, ST, RB and LB.

Chris Simms ranks the NFL's most important position groups, from the Saints' depth at quarterback with the likes of Drew Brees and Jameis Winston to the Pats' defensive backs, led by Devin McCourty and Patrick Chung.
Chris Simms lays out the challenges some teams will face with the virtual 2020 NFL Draft and what teams could be hurt the most with the new format.
Wisconsin Badgers running back Jonathan Taylor had a spectacular career in college, amassing over 5,000 rushing yards. He is the next in the long line of outstanding running backs out of Wisconsin, but might possess every skill needed to succeed at the next level.
Chris Simms ranks the teams with the best draft classes coming out of the 2020 NFL Draft.

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