MSNBC 30 Dec 2019

Chris Hayes On The Threat Of Anti-Semitism


Amid a spike in hate crimes -- and the end of Hanukkah -- Chris Hayes discusses the societal test we face. Aired on 12/30/19.

Chris Hayes breaks down two possible explanations for the lack of jabs and general nastiness in the 2020 race so far.
Chris Hayes: "The one advantage we have hereā€¦is that we have something to collectively combat as a society to help us mobilize towards that aim." Aired on 03/16/2020.
Chris Hayes: "So far, nearly everything the President has promised has been nothing more than an attempt to get a good headline that turns out to be far, far less than it appeared." Aired on 03/19/2020.
Chris Hayes breaks down the good and the bad of the coronavirus latest: "I find myself mentally putting things into two buckets: The good news, and the bad news." Aired on 3/26/20.
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