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Inside Edition 21 Feb 2020

Choking Baby Saved by Quick-Thinking Police Officer


It's the dramatic moment a police officer rushes to save the life of a choking baby. Dashcam video shows the cop chasing the family down and signaling them to pull over. The 11-month-old boy is turning blue and his parents are rushing him to the hospital. That's when the police officer heard the emergency over the radio. New Mexico State Police Officer Mario Herrera hopped out of his patrol car, grabbed the baby and started life-saving assistance.

Police secure the scenes of two separate shootings by the same gunman in New York City that left two officers wounded, Sunday, February 9.
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An Oregon mother of two had the shock of her life when her 3-year-old son told her that something was wrong with his baby brother. Saydie Reedy was doing dishes when her oldest son told her, "Baby in." She soon learned that her 10-month-old son, Kolson, had fallen 8 feet into a heating vent after her older son had pulled off the grate covering the vent. Luckily, an officer was able to crawl into the vent and push the baby back up to safety.
Officer Erika Benning couldn't believe her eyes when her son, Giovanni, showed up to her pinning ceremony. The 42-year-old mom has just graduated into the Irving Police Department and hadn't seen her son in two years.'s Stephanie Officer explains how Officer Benning is inspiring others far beyond her Texas community.
The suspect is a parolee out on an attempted murder conviction who only surrendered after firing all rounds.

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