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Al Jazeera 14 Feb 2020

China: Millions of people quarantined to check coronavirus spread


Millions of people have been ordered to stay at home as the Chinese government tries to stop the spread of the virus.
Journalists are restricted from travelling there, but Al Jazeera obtained exclusive pictures from one of the residents trapped there.
Al Jazeera's Katrina Yu reports from Beijing, China.

More than half a million people in Britain signed up to help the National Health Service cope with the coronavirus epidemic in just 24 hours, following a government call for volunteers Wednesday, as fears grow the country's outbreak is following a similar trajectory as that of Italy and Spain, where thousands of people have died.
Millions of women across Mexico are expected to strike against gender-based violence on Monday.
It comes after a year of countless protests against sexual harassment, abuse and murder.
Government figures show men kill at least 10 women every day there.
Al Jazeera's John Holman reports from the capital, Mexico City.
Many places of worship across the United States are taking unprecedented steps to stem the coronavirus spread, including canceling services, closing churches and forgoing community events.
More than 280 people are infected with the coronavirus in Italy and seven are dead. NBC News' Molly Hunter reports from Milan where the famous Duomo cathedral is closed in efforts to stop the spread of the virus among visitors.

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