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Al Jazeera 29 Jul 2020

Chile lifts COVID-19 lockdown as Latin America still hardest-hit


The battle to contain the coronavirus pandemic is putting pressure on nations as they seek to find a balance between public health and saving economies.
After months of lockdown in Chile, the country has begun lifting restrictions in parts of the capital.
But some medical experts say the government is not following recommendations from the World Health Organization.

Al Jazeera's Lucia Newman reports from Santiago.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the coronavirus has killed more people than malaria, HIV, cholera and the flu combined. Among the most affected regions is Latin America. Brazil has reported more than 142-thousand deaths, second only to the United States. Mexico has the fourth highest death toll in the world with more than 76,000. CGTN's Joel Richards has more.
Quebec and Ontario have reimposed COVID-19 restrictions as the number of new cases continues to rise sharply in both provinces.
Eight-year-old Inbar Regev plays with her pet python, Belle, in a small pool in her backyard at her family's animal sanctuary in the Israeli town of Ge'a, Wednesday, October 7.

Inbar said Belle is good company during a coronavirus lockdown that has kept schools closed over the past few weeks.

"It helps me pass the time because I really like to hang out with snakes and sometimes I help snakes shed (their skin) and I help them to be happy during coronavirus," Inbar said.

Sarit Regev, Inbar's mother, said the two grew up together.

"Inbar was raised with all these animals and she was raised with the snakes. When Inbar was little she swam inside the bath with the snake and now she has grown up and the snake got bigger, so they swim together in the pool. It's very natural for us," she said.

France entered its second lockdown Friday in a bid to stem the resurgent coronavirus pandemic with residents only allowed to leave their homes for food shopping, medical appointments, pressing family reasons and to commute to work when their jobs cannot be done from home.

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