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Newsmax TV 5 Oct 2020

Chazz Palminteri reacts: is this the end of US cinema?


Longtime actor, screenwriter, producer and playwright Chazz Palminteri reacts to extended movie theater closures across the US, and gives his thoughts on the 'political' nature of modern Hollywood and its prominent figures. - with Newsmax TV's Emma Rechenberg

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Oil revenues in the Middle East and North Africa fell from more than $1 trillion in 2012 to $575bn in 2019, according to the International Monetary Fund.

The pandemic has meant demand for fossil fuels has been decimated and may not return. Have oil-exporting countries done enough to diversify their economies?

Plus, what has gone wrong for South Africa? It emerged from the 2008 financial crisis in a strong position. Now, it faces a debt crisis.

And, is Uber running out of road as its business model is challenged in courts around the world?
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The Netherlands must reduce carbon emissions by the end of the year, but can this be done?
Stephen A. Smith, Kendrick Perkins and Max Kellerman of First Take react to LeBron James walking off the court before the end of Game 3 of the 2020 NBA Finals, in which Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat beat LeBron, Anthony Davis and the Los Angeles Lakers.
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