CNET 15 Nov 2020

Chasing Dory: World's smallest and most affordable underwater drone


We take the Chasing Dory underwater drone for a test dive in beautiful South Lake Tahoe. This high-tech sub packs a lot into a compact package, is fun for kids and adults, and could be used professionally.

How effective are your face masks? Months into the coronavirus pandemic there are still no standards or regulations for consumer masks. So we asked the University of Toronto to test more than 20 different masks. We reveal which are the most effective at keeping you safe from COVID-19, and which masks you should avoid.
Young Adult fantasy authors Marie Lu and Tehlor Kay Mejia, along with debut Y/A novelist Jordan Ifueko will delve into mystical world-building and writing strong female protagonists with moderator and young people's literature reviewer, Sharon Levin. Loyalty and family, warriors overcoming evil in a broken world, and sacrifices made for freedom are just some of the topics they will discuss.
How do you measure something that destroys everything it touches? That's an essential question for tornado researchers. After he narrowly escaped the largest twister on record—a two-and-a-half-mile-wide behemoth with 300-mile-an-hour winds—National Geographic Explorer Anton Seimon found a new, safer way to peer inside them and helped solve a long-standing mystery about how they form.
"The EU is — and will remain — Ukraine's biggest and most reliable partner," European Council president Charles Michel said after talks with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in Brussels.

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