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France 24 7 Jan 2021

Chaos in Capitol Hill: China is 'following events in Washington very closely'


World leaders expressed their shock as supporters of US President Donald Trump stormed the #US Capitol building where Congress meets in an attempt to overturn the results of the Nov. 3 election won by Joe Biden. Officials in #China and Russia compared the storming to #protests in Hong Kong and Ukraine. FRANCE 24's Charles Pellegrin explains why China is following events in Washington very closely.

Former Defense Secretary William Cohen joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss the Capitol Hill riots. He puts the rage from the crowds in the context of the history of racism in the America, saying, "Now we're seeing the white backlash or 'whitelash' as it's called...What is the basis of all of the rage? It's because white people have come to the conclusion that the playing field that has been so uneven in the past is now being leveled." Aired on 01/11/2021.
Pope Francis offered prayers for the five people who died during rioting on Capitol Hill Wednesday. The Pope also denounced violence and called on United States' political leaders and the population to engage in reconciliation.
Official considers China's blocking of WHO investigating team 'slight slip up'
It should have been one of the most straightforward days of the #US presidential transition, with Congress certifying Democrat Joe Biden's victory. Instead the world watched in shock and horror on Wednesday as a #mob of Donald #Trump supporters, encouraged by the president, stormed the US #Capitol in a bid to thwart lawmakers from their constitutional duty. Here's how a day of unprecedented chaos unfolded in Washington.

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