NewsNet 14 Oct 2020

Census whiplashed by changing deadlines, accuracy concerns


The Supreme Court has officially ruled the 2020 Census will come to a halt on Thursday, October 15.

ProPublica reports a malware attack has targeted a email system in a central Texas county as cybersecurity experts warn about vulnerabilities in voting systems at the state and local level. ProPublica senior reporter Jack Gillum joins CBSN's Elaine Quijano on "Red & Blue" with more.
Some census workers are speaking out sharing concerns that they may not be getting a complete count. NBC News Joe Fryer spoke with some counters who requested anonymity, that say the U.S. is at risk for a "massive undercount."
Rachel Maddow reports on the speed of U.S.P.S. mail delivery still not having recovered from the damage done over the summer by the political donor Donald Trump put in charge of the Postal Service, raising concerns for states with hard deadlines for mail-in ballots, particularly the battleground state of Michigan. Aired on 10/23/2020.
Rachel Maddow highlights concerns voiced by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, among others, that the hundreds of millions of dollars Donald Trump owes lenders could motivate him to make decisions to save himself that are contrary to the interests of the United States. Aired on 09/28/2020.

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