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Inside Edition 21 Apr 2020

Cemetery Can Hardly Keep Up With Burials


The Mount Richmond Cemetery on New York's Staten Island has never been so busy. Rabbi Shmuel Plafker of the Hebrew Free Burial Association said, "Usually we have one to two burials a day. This past Friday, we did seven burials. Sunday we did an unprecedented 10 burials." The majority of those deaths are from COVID-19. Because social distancing guidelines are being observed, families aren't able to approach their loved ones' grave sites.

Plastics firms are rushing to meet record demand for 'sneeze guards' to prevent the spread of coronavirus in stores, restaurants and workplaces. But there's a global shortage of raw materials needed to make the plastic barriers. (June 10)
As coronavirus cases surge in some states, testing demand is soaring with as many as 600,000 tests now performed each day. Many people must wait three to four days to get their test results as labs across the country are reaching or near capacity.
NBC News' Catie Beck reports on the state of South Florida hospitals that are struggling to keep up with the rising number of COVID-19 cases in the state.
Between the 24/7 news cycle and social media, there's been a massive influx of COVID-19 content. Unfortunately, a lot of that content is also false.

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