NewsNet 22 Sep 2020

CDC: Scary Risk of Spreading Covid if Trick-Or-Treating


Halloween is more than a month away, but fear over spread of the coronavirus has the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) putting out a few early words of caution, as well as tips for how to safely take part in spooky celebrations.

Journalist Al-Smith says, despite his efforts to raise awareness of COVID-19's effects, it has been a struggle to get Ghanaians to take the virus seriously, especially as the election has taken center stage
College students are weighing the risks of getting Covid-19 while traveling to see loved ones for the Thanksgiving holiday or staying on their school's campus. NBC News' Stephanie Gosk spoke with students who are struggling with the decision.
North Dakota Nurses Association President Tessa Johnson warned about the risks posed to care workers, hospitals, and patients as coronavirus cases are rising in her state. Aired on 11/23/2020.
The Ontario government is recommending that children stay home this Halloween in COVID-19 hot zones like Ottawa, Toronto, Peel and York regions.


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