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Associated Press 16 Oct 2020

Cannabis farms cope with Calfornia fire damage


Legal cannabis farms throughout Northern California are having to deal with smoke and ash covering their plants from a series of devastating wildfires. A few grow operations have also been lost in the fires. (Oct. 16)

The RNC — the first political convention ever held at the White House — has ended with opera and fireworks. Donald Trump's speech was punctuated by a fireworks display, with some of the fireworks spelling out "Trump" and "2020." (Aug. 28)
As more record high temperatures are clocked up across Europe, conservationists in Romania are building bridges for bears and reintroducing bison to make ecosystems more robust in the face of a warming planet.
Maurice Greene won the 100m dash crown at the 2004 Home Depot Invitational, celebrating by having his shoes "put out" with a fire extinguisher
The former FBI Director James Comey says President Donald Trump's inability to condemn white supremacist groups is like "spraying gasoline with a fire hose" on a fire. Comey was testifying before a senate panel on the Trump-Russia probe. (Sept. 30)

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