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CBC News 11 Mar 2020

Canadian quarantined in Italy during COVID-19 lockdown


Italy is now reporting more than 10,000 cases of COVID-19, with more than 630 deaths. Italians are now facing their second day of a country-wide lockdown. Miranda Galle is a Canadian law student who arrived in Turin just as the quarantine began. 


Lockdowns aimed at stopping the spread of the coronavirus are leading to higher cases of domestic violence around the world. Reports of gender violence have increased in Latin America, where there has been growing awareness about the issue.

Barely over a month into a COVID-19 lockdown in Argentina, these are some of the women who have been murdered in their homes. NGOs estimate there has been almost one femicide every day.
The UK has suffered 64,000 more deaths than usual over the course of the coronavirus pandemic.

An extra 14,000 deaths have been reported that are not officially attributed to COVID-19, with large numbers in care homes.

Deaths per million are higher in the UK than in Italy and France, but lower than in Spain and Belgium.

Boris Johnson said last month that the only accurate way to compare COVID-19 death rates with other countries was by using excess deaths statistics.
Amnesty International say that laws on abortion and sex education "must not be rushed through under cover of COVID-19".…
Stories like this prove the COVID-19 crisis is not all doom and gloom.…

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