Newsy 6 Apr 2020

Canada PM Urges Trump to Open Trade


As Canada looks to other places to purchase medical supplies, PM Justin Trudeau says he is urging the Trump administration to keep border trade open.

Joe Biden called on President Trump to "listen to the scientists" and support a nationwide mask mandate as he is about to be released from Walter Reed hospital. Aired on 10/05/2020.
Democratic New York Rep. Brian Higgins thinks U.S. president-elect Joe Biden will correct 'damage' caused by U.S. President Donald Trump to Canada-U.S. relations.

DNI Director John Ratcliffe released information indicating that the Obama admin knew of Russian allegations that  Hillary Clinton was attempting to tie Trump to the Russia and distract from her email scandal before the 2016 presidential election. #FoxNews
Marine One waits on the White House's South Lawn to take President Trump to Walter Reed Medical Center.

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