ESPN 8 Apr 2020

Cal Ripken Jr. reveals when his Iron Man streak was most in jeopardy


Baltimore Orioles legend and Baseball Hall of Famer Cal Ripken Jr. joins SportsCenter to relive the night when he broke Lou Gehrig's MLB record by playing in his 2,131st consecutive game. (1:39) Ripken also tells the story of when he felt his streak was most in danger of ending, and (3:49) reminisces with Tim Kurkjian about their past basketball games together.


Cal Ripken Jr. joins Clinton Yates and Tim Kurkjian on Baseball Tonight to walk down memory lane to April 7, 1995, when Ripken broke Lou Gehrig's MLB record for consecutive games played. Ripken discusses the lead up to game 2,131, the conversation he had with the fan that caught his home run during the game and the legends like Joe DiMaggio and Hank Aaron that were in attendance.

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During her press briefing, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany got called out for her own history of voting by mail, as the administration pushes to stop mass mail-in voting.
Veteran strategist and former Republican Steve Schmidt argues President Trump has exhibited the most inept response of any president to any crisis in history. Schmidt tells MSNBC's Ari Melber that many avoidable problems in the US response to the coronavirus pandemic revealed Trump's failures as a president, and historians will look back on this as a time when a reality show star "New York con man" narrowly ended up as President and was simply not prepared. Aired on 4/16/2020.
NASA announced it will be launching its first manned mission to space in nearly a decade. In May, two American astronauts are scheduled to take off from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. CBS News apace analyst Bill Harwood has more.

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