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Associated Press 20 May 2020

Buenos Aires: Teatros peligran, actores pobres por pandemia


Buenos Aires: Teatros peligran, actores pobres por pandemia

Realizan pruebas de virus en barrios hacinados de Buenos Aires
People in some of Argentina's poorest neighbourhoods are demanding government help to stop the spread of the coronavirus through their communities.
There are more than 1,000 confirmed cases in the Villa 31 slum in Buenos Aires, which is overcrowded and lacks running water.

Al Jazeera's Teresa Bo reports from Buenos Aires.
Two cruise ships on which four people with Covid-19 have died have docked in Florida - after weeks of uncertainty at sea.

The Zaandam and its sister ship the Rotterdam both arrived in Fort Lauderdale after they'd been barred from ports in South America. They'd also been told they couldn't dock in Florida - a decision later reversed.

Passengers fit for travel will disembark and fly home. Several dozen with mild symptoms will stay on board for a quarantine period. The 14 people with severe symptoms will be treated in local hospitals.

The Zaandam left Buenos Aires on 7 March and was meant to finish its trip in Chile two weeks later - but was barred from docking after a virus outbreak on board.

It was then joined by the Rotterdam for supplies, and both ships found themselves in limbo with no port accepting their call.

Another cruise ship, the Coral Princess - which also has confirmed cases on board - will arrive in Florida on Saturday.

Argentina's armed forces have joined in the fight against COVID-19 with troops making food for thousands of people in impoverished neighborhoods and setting up a mobile hospital, Friday, April 3.

The Argentine army has set up military range cookers in two poor areas on the outskirts of Buenos Aires from which point they travel further into the neighborhoods with military trucks to deliver hundreds of portions of food per day to people in need.

Closer to the center of Buenos Aires, the Air Force has set up a mobile hospital with 26 beds.


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