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DW News 20 Oct 2020

BTS: Mandatory military service or boy band?


South Korean boy band BTS has fans around the world and their stardom seems unstoppable. Except... it might come to a sudden halt because of South Korea's mandatory military service, where they'd spend 18 months out of the spotlight, training for potential war on the Korean Peninsula. Fans say they should be exempt, while others say they need to do their duty. Frank Smith reports.

They're one of the hottest boy bands in the world, South Korea's BTS.
And everyone wants a part of them, or as close to it as they can get.

Retail investors in South Korea snapped up shares of Big Hit Entertainment, the music label behind BTS, to the tune of $50 billion during the two-day subscription as part of its initial public offering.

That was more than 600 times the value of shares on offer to retail investors, meaning that many would-be shareholders will receive only a fraction of their requests.
As the Chinese Communist Party's reacts to comments made by South Korean Boy Band BTS, noted Asia analyst and political commentator Gordon Chang comments on how this tension affects the United States. - with Newsmax TV's John Bachman

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The record label behind #KPop superstars #BTS was a smash hit on its first day on the #Korean stock exchange. Shares in Big Hit Entertainment doubling in price compared to the Initial Public Offering, despite concerns about the looming military service for the band members. Also today, we look at the financial support offered to French businesses after new curfew measures were imposed on nine cities.
Rep. Tulsi Gabbard releases a Thanksgiving message.

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