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ABC News 18 Nov 2020

Bruce Springsteen joins 'Stand Up for Heroes' virtual benefit for veterans


The Bob Woodruff Foundation's annual Stand Up for Heroes benefit will be held virtually Wednesday. The event will be hosted by comedian Jon Stewart and will feature musical performances.

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Ali Velshi reads passages from a letter from celebrated public health official Dr. William Foege to Trump CDC director Robert Redfield encouraging Redfield to stand up to Donald Trump's political distortions of CDC science, even though it would surely result in his dismissal. Aired on 10/09/2020.
Behind the scenes of 'Bruce Springsteen's Letter to You'
The cast of HBO's 'Veep' is reuniting again for a virtual table read event which will benefit America Votes' efforts to turn out voters in Georgia's January runoff election. Actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus and 'Veep' EP David Mandel join Morning Joe to discuss. Aired on 12/01/2020.

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