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Fox Sports 11 May 2020

Broussard: 'Magic and Bird were to Michael, what Michael was to Kobe and LeBron'


Chris Broussard breaks down part 7 of 'The Last Dance' documentary on the Chicago Bulls of the 1990's, and discusses how Michael Jordan acted as a father figure to players like Kobe and LeBron, similar to the greats who proceeded his career.

In this episode of Signature Shots, ESPN analyst Kirk Goldsberry details how Michael Jordan developed from an inconsistent jump-shooter at North Carolina into the most efficient and most prolific midrange scorer of the mid-90s, thanks to his legendary fadeaway.

Jason Hehir, director of "The Last Dance," joins The Will Cain Show to talk about what it was like to interview Michael Jordan for his 10-part documentary about the Chicago Bulls dynasty and their 1997-98 season.
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Jalen & Jacoby continue their countdown to the documentary "The Last Dance," which details the final season in Michael Jordan's tenure with the Chicago Bulls, and discuss the factors that led to MJ's departure from the team. Included is talk of Jerry Krause, Phil Jackson, Scottie Pippen and more.

They then react to Jalen Green, a top prospect in the basketball Class of 2020, choosing a new path to the pros via the G League, and are joined by Tyrese Maxey, a 2020 NBA draft prospect from the Kentucky Wildcats.

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Michael Wilbon joins Rachel Nichols on The Jump after Episodes 5 and 6 of "The Last Dance," discussing Michael Jordan's rise to global fame with the Chicago Bulls and Team USA, whether MJ had a gambling problem, Isiah Thomas being left off the Dream Team at the 1992 Olympics, and his avoiding political and social issues during his career.
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