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Voice of America 10 Sep 2019

Britain on Election Footing as Crisis Pits Parliament vs. Prime Minister


Britain's parliament has been officially suspended, just weeks before the country is to crash out of the European Union. Opposition lawmakers have branded the move a coup by Prime Minister Boris Johnson and have vowed to take him to court if he refuses to request a Brexit extension from the European Union. Britain is to leave the bloc Oct. 31, but as Henry Ridgwell reports from London, the crisis has pitted parliament against the government and it is impossible to predict who will win.

Albania protests continued this weekend as demonstrators hurled petrol bombs against the prime minister's office.…
Greece's conservative opposition leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis has been sworn in as prime minister after his party won a general election.
Mitsotakis earlier told voters they were in for "a difficult, but beautiful fight".
His New Democracy party ousted the left-wing Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.
The other loser in the poll is the far-right Golden Dawn which was knocked out of the parliament.
Al Jazeera's John Psaropoulos reports from Athens.
Britain's new Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the Conservative Party leader, began assembling his political team as soon as he took office Wednesday. New Cabinet members include the country's first ethnic minority person to head the Treasury and several women. VOA's Zlatica Hoke reports Johnson's first day on the job was marked by demonstrations by his supporters, as well as his opponents.
Dillon, like their character on "Billions," identifies as non-binary and was assigned female at birth. They explained their gender identity falls "somewhere outside the boxes of man or woman."

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