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Sky News 16 Nov 2020

BREAKING NEWS: New COVID-19 vaccine 94.5% effective


A new potential vaccine is being developed by pharmaceutical company Moderna and is said to be 94.5% effective in tackling the virus.

So far, the UK government has secured access to six candidate vaccines, which includes the Pfizer vaccine, but not the Moderna vaccine.

Dr. Tal Zaks commented on the peer review process Moderna's Covid-19 vaccine will undergo: "We are going to have the strongest peer review anybody could expect, which is a panel of experts looking deeply into the data, at an open panel the FDA will convene... the level of data and the level of rigor and the level of debate far outweighs what you generally see in a scientific publication." Aired on 11/16/2020.
Pfizer said Monday that an early peek at data on its coronavirus vaccine suggests the shots may be a surprisingly robust 90% effective at preventing COVID-19, putting the company on track to apply later this month for emergency-use approval from the Food and Drug Administration.
US biotech firm Moderna on Monday announced its experimental vaccine against #Covid-19 was almost 95 percent effective, marking a second major breakthrough in the quest to end the pandemic. 
Drugmaker AstraZeneca says that late-stage trials show its COVID-19 vaccine is highly effective, buoying the prospects of a relatively cheap, easy-to-store product that may become the vaccine of choice for the developing world (Nov 23)

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