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CGTN America 19 Feb 2020

Brazilian samba school seeks Chinese inspiration


The annual Carnival in Brazil starts on February 21 this year. And one samba school in Sau Paolo is seeking a little Chinese inspiration for the Carnival Parade. CGTN's Paulo Cabral reports.

Unidos de Vila Maria Samba School, in Sao Paulo, Brazil will be celebrating Carnival this year with inspiration from China. Take a look behind the scenes as thousands help out in the school's workshops and on the dance floor to prepare for the big parade.
Samba schools are strutting their stuff at a competition in Rio de Janeiro. The two-day contest ends with a parade Monday night where they show-off their skills as well as their political beliefs. The city's Mayor has cut funding for the contest, but CGTN'S Lucrecia Franco says the show must go on.
U.S. intelligence officials say America's university system has become a soft target in the global espionage war with China. The FBI and other agencies are demanding schools do a better job protecting sensitive research as some Chinese students say they feel unfairly targeted.
Among the 11 million people under lockdown in the Chinese city of Wuhan - the epicenter of the new coronavirus- is Kristin Xiao, a Springfield, Virginia student. She's been stuck in China since visiting her family in Wuhan during the Lunar New Year holidays. Now, her school is stepping in to help. For VOA, Eunjung Cho has more.]]

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